Sunday, November 10

YOU didn't build that you SOB!

Would someone REMIND ME why we have government!

Founding fathers had their reasons but where we have morphed to today – I say drown them all and lets get on with it like these three 20 year old’s did!

I just received the below from one of my brothers and am posting his note in full.

After the federal government spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the Obamacare fiasco web site … there were three techy/nerdy guys who work for Google who decided to make the web site what it should be … a place to go and check out prices without giving the government your life history, credit card numbers, social security number, addresses, children’s names, password, password hints, and on and on. They did it all last weekend and their site is a huge success.

You simply go to their web site and do what 300,000,000 Americans thought they would be able to do and that is simply compare insurance options. They got all their information from the government web site. They aren’t charging anyone anything. They didn’t get paid to do this. They have done it as a public service.

President Obama needs to fire the thousands of people who are STILL trying to fix up his mess up (not to mention the millions upon millions more dollars) and hire these three guys. Can we say the government is too big for its britches?

Programmers attempt to build an alternative to

Three San Francisco programmers took on the problems of and constructed their own version of what the website should be. Meet the team behind
Yeah, click the above link to watch the two minute interview. It’s worth it even having to wait for a damn ad to play.

THEN go the Health Sherpa website. It takes maybe 10 seconds to fill in very general information to get some idea of costs. It is jaw dropping in it’s simplicity.

To Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Osama Obama – the most arrogant, narcissistic, Nobel Peace Prize Winning/”I’m really good at killing people” man alive today – we have noted –
YOU didn’t build that!


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