Wednesday, November 6

If You're Going to Break the Law, Couldn't You at Least Do Something Cool?

Don’t you wish that you were above the law?  What would you do?  I know what I’d do.  I’d take my truck and go blasting through government owned wetlands.

Of course, that’s just me, and it probably wouldn’t do anybody any harm. Since I’m in no position to disregard the law, it’s a moot point anyway.

It’s too bad that our president didn’t have the same interests as me.  His hobby of turning this country into a  socialist nation is much more damaging.  To make matters worse, he feels that he does not have to obey the law, and so far, he’s gotten away with it.

When one is elected to the position of President of the United States, they are sworn to uphold the law, so for a person in that position, obeying the law also includes seeing that it is enforced.  Maybe we should have had him swear on the Koran.

Not only does Obama fail to enforce immigration laws, he fails to enforce his own laws.  He decided, all by himself, that the employer mandate portion of Obamacare would not be enforced because it was not convenient for him to do so at the time.  You might find that some aspects of Obamacare might be inconvenient for you, but I assure you - breaking the law, will not be an option without consequence for you.

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