Wednesday, December 18

Democrats Don't Support Our Troops

Once again the Democrat's have shown their true colors in regards to their attitudes towards the men and women of our military.  The Democrats decided it was better to cut $6 billion in benefits to military retirees over the next TEN years, instead of agreeing to close a loop hole which has allowed illegal immigrants to collect billions of dollars of tax benefits from the child tax credit EVERY year.  Closing the loophole would have more than covered the cuts to the military pensions, but the Democrats instead wished to pander to a group they hope will soon be eligible to vote for them.  This is absolutely disgusting!  It is the height of insanity that our nation's supposed leaders would rather help people who broke our laws than people who took an oath to defend the Constitution and possibly die to defend our values and rights.  Our nation has been turned upside down.  Our leaders in Washington no longer care about Americans and American values they simply care about being reelected and maintaining their power and they have realized that big government liberalism and corporatism is surest way to lull us into compliance with benefits and handouts so they can achieve their tyrannical goals.

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