Saturday, January 18

Harvey Weinstein Wages War On The NRA

Why is it whenever one of those Hollywood Liberals opens up their mouths, they make assholes of themselves? Film executive Harvey Weinstein said the other day on the Howard Stern Show that he plans to make an anti-gun movie starring Meryl Streep that will take a direct shot at the National Rifle Association. Read more.


Ted Ross Savage said...

Well, as you said, hypocrites. It is a truth also that oppressive governments always tries, or does, take away their peoples ability to defend themselves, right before they crush the people and take away all their rights.

bill said...

It's more of the same philosophy of government knows best so keep pushing the envelope on all fronts in any direction as long as its not to politically damaging. It's not just guns it's as simple as a condom. If I can tell you that you must have insurance and then on the other side I tell you what the definition of that insurance is I've got you. The free condom is the shining coin they hold up to the female vote to keep political polls in their favor. Once they get control of 25 percent of every thing we must buy Mark my words that number will keep climbing , of courses for are own good.

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