Thursday, January 2

IMPEACH OBAMA - Sign the petition

IMPEACH OBAMA - Sign the petition


Moesha Black said...

The Obama Impeachment Novel - - From my friend and amateur writer Wilson Clark - - His novel
places Obama, Putin, the NSA, and Snowden in a political storm with a military conclusion. - - - - “America at the Tipping Point” - - In the novel, the Russians use Snowden’s NSA hacker information to spy on
Obama (..some of it is really funny..)

Moesha Black said...

Obama Impeachment?
Who would be the replacement? Do
we risk that a new freak show would simply replace the existing vaudeville act?
Two Issues here - - (1.) I agree that Obama is easily Impeachable by the House of Representatives. (2.) I doubt that the current Senate would vote to convict, only to make Joe Biden the President.

However, since the Speaker of the House is third in line in the order of Presidential succession...

if we had a Speaker, who was strong Presidential material, and if we simultaneously impeached, convicted, and removed BOTH Obama and Biden, then it’s a different story... Follow this free online novel, it predicts everything about Hillary
and Obama. I've read it twice, and I'm
just stunned - -

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