Wednesday, May 21

Celebrating The New America

It seems that we have come to that often-mentioned folk in the road as a country. As a matter of fact, I believe we have passed that point and are already traveling down the wrong path, but that is the new America. We have a government and a media run by Liberal-Progressives, they have joined forces to drive us away from traditional America and when we have media and government joining forces, that can only mean disaster for our country. Read more.

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Just Saying said...

"Soon to be"? - I would say that it's already here. More people are living off of others then are working to live. Thank OB for that... I have been using the last couple of years to off-shore my assets and plan on milking the system as much as possible till I bolt. The US is over...Just accept it.... Capitalism is dead... I wish it weren't so - but the dead-beats have taken control - the Democrats have succeeded in destroying the American Dream. Have to applaud them as I walk away....

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