Wednesday, July 2


The dictionary has the definition of Treason as:
1. The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
3. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

Each elected official in Washington from the president to senators to representatives, all take an oath to uphold the Constitution, their allegiance is to the Constitution, not their party and definitely not to only one man. I have read many stories lately, of how many of the Democrats who backed Obama, knew from the beginning that he was incompetent, yet they shouted that he was the best thing for this country since sliced bread. Is this treason? It seems to me it falls under the definition 2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. 3. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. After all, their allegiance is supposed to be to the Constitution and the country. Read more.



TEAragun at Moregov said...

Why don't they publicly show tea party and senate info to see democrat treason over constitutional rights?

Battlestations now said...

An American soldier hero fights for His freedom on mexico for a minor failure while they invade with MS13s now!!, all this and more while an American hero fights for his freedom an unjust immigration system jail for a minor failure entering lost into mexico.
screw Cheney, trial bhork$ for high treasonS, Bush administration and the war on terror faced almost being jailed once Obubble's crowning, tried to eliminate Israel war achievement going back to 1967 borders AND STILL HELPING TERRORIST ORG$!!, declared the war illegal and a crime, and many other mega scandals (high treasonS) by the bailedout officials and drivebymediarrea media(LUNA)tik$ dysfunctional utopia spreading anamontes snowdense lies where comes the Balrog of Moregov'$, don't leasten to GOPs, they exist by TEA patriots courage, which still face rinos working with neolibs against TEA for convenience, so waterboard (not torture, another lie "We torture people before") bhork$ communi$TICK sodomiCAL half/tough brotherMMMmmmmuuuu$limhood-hammas/half chicken (pro-AYatola $harriAYalawfool arablood$pin$ bailout$ EVEN NOW HAMMAS IS PROMESED BY skerry more billion$!!) for high treason NOW!!, don't rely on bhork'$ (travesty education) pre-$harriAYalawfool incompetency to as usual fail all the tryings, look the only one achievement of the infiltrated insitu gov 30 ayer$ old gov money laundry by the trillion$!! network$: bhorkare, remains illegaly approved like on cuba gov dictatorial (kachimira) system all the enemies of TEA dream on...
coming up: cubacel just sent me an offer for another kind of phou, metropcs sent me a $190 bill (I'm homeless since I denounced along many mayoral varez rinos and debby wargsherman innshultz and kfrundeld...) for just trying to reject the cubacel offer, not even filling out any aplyings, so alert!!, I suspect after liliputin visit, the old coldblooded soviet Lourdes (now) e-base is fooly operational... orbiting a moon of... END door...

Teapolo, America, do you read?

I'm $orry, Kara...

tea PATRIOT volunteer said...

Phou# 1 786 380 8110 text joke harrasing me, responding specificly to my blogs on a Panama site. police equipment needed to IDing my new ph#
and don't care I live-denounce this

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