Sunday, September 28

Call It Like It Is - OK Beheading - Feds Still Not Labeling The Attack ...

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2004 pre-TEA volunteer said...

And simple solution: any single one not saying it was a terror, hate, racial attack, for shariAYalawfool acts of war, needed to be published and ordinarily crime prosecuted for high treason and international terrorism, for starters....
It happened already on Europe against naziism, declaring'm terrorists, so the European Union could be created:
Then trail democ rat elites, rinos and liberal movements and orgs...
Then other similar people around them should be agresivesly investigated...
Also is time to take to trail the drivebymediarrea media(luna)tic$ by beltway$ for helping and earning terror bailout laundry govmoney for the last 3 decades...

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