Saturday, September 20

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser Refutes Obama's claim that "ISIS is not Islamic"

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is aghast at the ignorance and arrogance of Obama, Kerry, Hagel, Johnson, and Earnest who presume to tell the world what is and is not Islamic. Says Jasser, the behavior of ISIS/ISIL most certainly *is* traditional Islamic behavior, and by pretending otherwise, Obama et al are burying efforts like Jasser's to *reform* Islam from within.

American Zuhdi Jasser is a physician, a devout Muslim, a former US Naval Commander, and a leader in the struggle within Islam to reform the religion away from Wahhabism and other radical versions. Jasser says Muslims have a problem, Muslims need to own it, and no progress can be made when people like Sec'y of State Kerry spreads falsehoods about the religion and Sharia law. Jasser has written a book titled: "A Battle for the Soul of Islam".

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