Saturday, September 27

Suspect In Oklahoma Beheading Is Formally Arrested In Hospital

Authorities said on Saturday that the Oklahoma man suspected of beheading a former co-worker at a food distribution warehouse last week, who was shot by another employee trying to thwart the attack, was placed under arrest in a hospital where he underwent surgery. Police sergeant Jeremy Lewis, of Moore, Oklahoma, said Alton Nolen was charged with first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon when he emerged from sedation. Lewis said Nolen is suspected of killing Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbing Traci Johnson, 43, who apparently were attacked randomly at the Vaughan Foods facility in Moore on Thursday. Police said on Friday Nolen had reportedly tried to convert his colleagues to Islam, and the FBI was looking into his background. Nolen, 30, had been fired from the plant moments earlier. Lewis said that after being fired, Nolen went to Vaughan's main office, where he stabbed Hufford several times and then severed her head.

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