Tuesday, September 30

The Oklahoma Beheading Incident: Jihad Connection?

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Far over TEA misty mountains said...

This crime is another prove the unfamouses yiiihaaadsts sleepers are being awaken ( includes 1punched women...) by lasts isis callings repeated so much, by bhork n th is is cnnoo. msnbecil n the rest of the drivebymediarrea media(luna)tic by beltway$, and the democ rat-rino paralegal umbrella, apart of the Moregov'$ bad dream on bubble$, balrak hussein oblabla sunk engined kashmira gov nightmare revealing it's most efficient servant, just a cartel fastnfurious global welfare iman... Wannabe utopia falling crumbling crushing down and the Moregov'$ aye rs fire extinguishing and about to explode....
God bless America

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