Wednesday, October 1

Bachmann: Obama lives in a foreign policy fantasy world

On October 1, 2014, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) spoke to Bill Hemmer about the fight against ISIS.

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pre-TEAleaf volunteer said...

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Last night Glenn Beck listed the latest islamic hand in beheadings and deaths on American soil under oblabla organizing advocate lawayers teleprompter lecturing imitating Bush but robitalking like the head on sletch hammer, or bladerunner cheap central leader sh(beep)t drivebymediarrea media(Luna)tic by beltway$ controll freak dictator wannabe looser (like liliputin, iran, cuba, maduro etc) in agravated high treason, of insisting agravated terror war acts chronology listed by Glennbeck last night, bloody and horrible isis, hamas, ay atola compared crime level possible only by the warghou$e shi(beep)y (al)la(h)ws...

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