Friday, October 3

This Question Must Be Asked

This Question Must Be Asked

This question must be asked, although it is entirely rhetorical: Is there an adult in this Obama Administration?  Has Obama selected anyone to work for him who is capable of accurately assessing a situation—ANY situation—and making a mature, reasoned decision?  You know the answer to that question.  When the person at the top of the administrative chain sees no urgency when the world is falling apart all around us, why should any of his underlings perceive anything differently?

It is said that Nero fiddled while watching Rome, the eternal city at the center of Roman grandeur, consumed by fire.  Obama plays golf and delivers speeches at fund-raisers all over the United States while the country he was elected to lead declines in all important measures of greatness.  Those of you who have been on my e-mail list will likely have forgotten an item I wrote more than five years ago in which I apologized to Obama for having the onerous task of presiding over a country of which he was ashamed.  You will recall, though, that he apologized to various and sundry nations all over the world for America’s perceived wickedness—his own perception, not theirs.  I suggested America should be generous enough to offer Mr. Obama the presidency of a nation in which he could take pride—like Chad, or Belgium, or Kenya.  In an effort to assuage his guilt and shame for America, we could have even offered boot to any country willing to take him as leader and send us theirs.

I suggested strongly then and now reassert that idea that Barack Obama does not like America.  He sought its presidency for the express purpose of making America pay for what he deemed its arrogance, for the accrual of wealth he believed they stole from other nations around the world and from their own poor and black citizens.  The truth is, not only Obama but perhaps a majority of the leadership of the Democrat (Progressive) Party despises America and desires that we should divest ourselves of all the trappings of wealth and power to become another impotent, unimportant 4th –world nation; on a par with Liberia, Guatemala, Chad; to join the One-World Nation, as the Clintons once called it.

There is ample evidence to support that charge.  Space will not permit listing them, but we can approach the matter from the opposite end—can you name a single program that Obama and his Progressive cohorts have instituted that has benefited this country?

I greatly fear that too many Americans have no stake in the welfare of our nation.  More than fifty percent pay no income taxes, and a large percentage of those non-payers receive what is euphemistically called income tax credits—a method whereby the government returns money to those who have paid no taxes; an oxymoron if I ever heard one.  How can you return to someone something they have never had? No matter.  I still credit Alexander Hamilton with the saying, “Once the citizenry finds that they can vote themselves largesse from the national treasury, the Democratic Republic is finished.”

In the Roman Empire, the Caesar would provide games and entertainment in the coliseum.  Wagons loaded with bread would be drawn into the arena, and loaves of bread were thrown to the people up in the stands before the gladiators entered and began trying to kill each other.  Thus they were both entertained and fed. Under Obama’s administration it is much easier. We pay people to stay home and not work.  We pay for their education (such as it is), their housing, their medical expenses, etc..  We give them free cell phones. All we ask of them is that they vote Democrat in any and all elections.  You don’t even have to go to the coliseum or sports arena to collect these items—we’ll delver them to your front door.

The Republican leadership is awful.  Weak, impotent; much too concerned with their own next election and uncaring as to what the average American experiences.  But at least no Republican that I am aware of is actively seeking the demise of “America as we know it”.  Even should no Republican leader emerge who is capable of uniting conservatives, we must unite ourselves.  The only choice is to allow America to quickly devolve into a nation where you—I—do not want to live.


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