Saturday, October 25

Video: Megyn Kelly discussing race-baiter Eric Holder!

A video of Megyn Kelly discussing a man, Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder, who could work and thrive in a White House where divisiveness and race-bating seem not only to be tolerated but actually encouraged! 

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pre-TEAleaf volunteer said...

I just had a police (a couple, she looked also police, on a McDonalds camms and michs provlabl from local seetwater arrested mayoral marono) in civilian paralegal public street trouble act, interveining storming with gansterism in my conversation from his next (he just came to sit very close, empty mcdonalds, and showing extremly hate to the war on terror patriots.
If they were police even coinciding on a restaurant and I hapen to ask him abour, and he answered me the same I surely will denonuce him anyways).
I'm watching mayoral gimenez, kfrundeld, debywarg, pepediaz, charliecrist, joegarcia and rinos as well traditional anti-colonialistic old "comunism work" politicians speaches on your face from socialistic bubbles while I face even pred and police looklike insurgency public threats growing lately, since I blog on the actual battle against ma noriega'a former gral. attnty and presidencial candidate anamatildegomez, one of castro's lawayers against arnulfist party on Panama under fidela himself accusing us in 2004 of "terrorism", from Panama thruout prd party and responsible for prd dictator ma noriega desaster.
Know this, imbecile cartels, I reserv my rights to defend my self from terror when and how I would like... and you have to expect answers... and truoble for both, cuba for invading us, and the warghou$e for forming a black Muslim look like neonazisis party on Panama as I speak !!!, and going along castrisism going on a well of unfourtunes over their own road to hell and alone, as only a patriot would bring you...

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