Tuesday, January 27

Epilogue: Bowe Bergdahl...Deserter! (Video)

For all of the Obama failure followers out there this article is the apparent finale to the administration's Bowe Bergdahl fiasco in which five Taliban commanders were released for the return of a suspected deserter! 

And, no surprise, in another prime example of empty and useless rhetoric remember that this is also an administration that says they don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Watch and read at The Political Commentator here.


Gayla said...

Our pres. is either the dumbest imbecile every born, or a terriorist, one, and I think it is the latter.

sTEAlth destroyer said...

For decades fighting against America and friendlies.
Parallel to real locally borned "auuuthority, politicians, artists, theorical groups, movements, etc, coincide in one of those... armies from Wa$hingtong, Moregov, well funded (like the Warg Hou$e's fraudulental Arab blood $pin$ of His "moderate" islamic combatants He bailedout and still protects from Troops: isis.
He went to bow to a sunni king but failed Auschwitz ceremony.
All these occupied thewall stpdc2ndfloortoilets, acorn, which is similar human trafficking than farc, yiiihaadists, old or new blackpanties, black radical racists demanding Impossible Impunity Hell No!!!, or islamic terrorists, all kinds of 21st century movements, groups, called for activism, those uggly alien few trillions more gov... bunches of criminals wishing for a fastnfurious territory caravans, like on a wider picture of sodomic islamic fastnfuriouses...
Enemy borned insitu, auuuuthority and social attacks... from govs, conspiracies, all anti-America and ally...
Like from cuba's lecturing faked statists..
Masses of changers, and well armed, paralegaly dressed to kill, to unconstitutionally pursue and accuse of "terrorism" the anti-terror authority left not bailedout or movements, and the civillian populations, 6+ ayers exposed naked to this insitu army commanded by bhork and neoliberal, democ rat and rino cartel rulers, lawayers of terrorism, it's an insurgency, prepared for decades, a $cylon fleet of acornRe$u(e)rrection $hi(t)p$... Like the ussr or pdvsa logical bankrupt proyected by an infamous Media(Luna)tiCAl drivebyemediarrea by belt way$...
It is an army brought for a single purpose:
To destroy the world of men...
They will be here by nightfall...

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