Wednesday, January 21

The Ant and the Grasshopper! A short story of life in the USA! (Bonus Photo)

The ant and the grasshopper tells the story of what had been a work ethic in American society and how it has morphed to one of government dependence instead. 

Plus a bonus photo of a NYC cop 'beating' an unarmed black man.

1 comment:

arnulfista acusao x fidela said...

As a teaparty adhonorem propagandist, I have to re-dennounce Pepe Diaz, Katherine F.Rundeld, Debby Washerman, Miami mayors, comissioners, acorn, Obama the lawyer, gave my sister to ahsan, the Muslim manager and I saw him ordering police.
Miami and Chicago are terror logistical sanctuaries, my sister was just rescued by National, not miami police, after cptn Noel offcr Dominic following castrovoyote acorn lourdes martinez opinions on my sister suposedly willingly to be kidnaped or tgey kill me or her daughter, my sister survived already a year in the 1st fastnfurious discovery on Homestead jailing mayor and gangsters human trafficking.
mayoral gimenez, actual sweetwater mayor, and all police and managers where I go keep threatening me like "the crazy" guy talking on teaparty , spies, etc) while castrocoyote Lourdes Martinez owns my postal address and name.
So, Miami will have new authority.
They will show respect or go to jail after being authority cartels and then deported back to castro if where borned there.
There they we I'll be punidhed by the new democratic Cuba, jailing all who defended them as well on the continent, I f S O G.

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