Saturday, January 3

Why is the onus on the NYPD to show respect to a Mayor who has not earned it?

NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has 'asked' the Rank and File of the NYPD not to turn their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio at the funeral Sunday of PO Wenjian Liu. 

Question...Why is the onus on the police to show respect to a Mayor who has not done the same for them, with deadly consequences?


acorn battle TEA Victory vet said...

Leasten Actual Sweetwater Mayor pepedia deby gimenez (ey joegsrciashit. FU!!) and all miami shit, so...
I'm not an anti-terror experienced freedom fighter adhonorem?, do I?
Don't I say who police shit is terrorist or not?
I denounce you now for continuing marono treatmen instead of Compensation now, yes, now I want compensation for denouncin mayoralvarez!! And facing miami dade police SHIT crimansls hungry for sodomy at jail, insisting insulting me hoping I "finaly go crazy and attack someone" by you, fokin santuary cartel localy borned police criminal invading shit of continuing the same on me than marono.
OK, now I'm blogging, stay tuned....

acorn wars Tealeaf e-volunteer said...

Testing, I was, on American soil, earlier illegaly blocked on my last comment couldn't post, and as udual now with oblabla, by the Warghou$e'$ cartel cities sodomical (human trafficking by gov, like muslim terrorists) local delincuency authorities on an already declared sanctuary zone changing America into a globalized fastnfurious global cuba...

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