Tuesday, March 17

Iran, Hezbollah And Obama: The Blind Ignorant Compliance Of The American Sheeple!

If you thought that in the past Barack Obama has appeared to be trying to sabotage US national security, with his latest moves concerning Iran and Hezbollah that are occurring in the shadow of his bogus Iran nuclear negotiations, you haven't seen anything yet! 


Silver Wizard... said...

Miami Dade all government member needs to Immedistely removed from positions, replaced by feds till new elections without the well known MegaCorrupted specialy from A C O R N .
They're the insurgency Growing up thinking Criminally, miamidade police has Over me, police agents just to watchme eat on a nearby McDonalds, 711 Now stop shop Conspiring on make me angry and look violent.
They all jail or even life threatened On my face teaparty Insulting willing to arrest'm identical than castrists, their relatives even on public positions.
They at McDonalds, police Agent Maria, life and jsil threatened me Any time, publicly And On Police-mcdonalds Camms, aswel her McDonald's manager of The worst McDonald's With labor crimes they enjoy like in Cuba or acorn.

Silver Wizard... said...

Just to remind everyone how easy is now to jail bhorc:
Before and after oblabla funded with billions, they were already terrorists and bhorc Never had the audacy to even try to remove them from terror lists:
Ready?, there you go:
cuba still terrorist, before and After talks on normalizations, muslim brotherhood the same terror But had already received billion$!!, he funded isis while soften Iraq as well iran Nuclear talks he knew they remind all terrorists, and ...
He, and the democ rats gave them trillions in total already while planning more and deeper crazy international terror help aswell homegrown occupied thewall st toiles, millions of illegals enjoy what belongs to Americans and Allied Immigration, fastnfurious cities, acorn , etc criminals What they needed Strategicly.
Do your job America and May God Guide You jail All terror politician logistics at the Homeland.

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