Thursday, March 12

Keeping Focus

Every coming day the Republican Party must pledge to maintain focus and take control of the political narrative (as President Obama so often likes to say).  They specifically need to focus on the economy.  The economy is the one single issue where the party can achieve the broad based support which may help propel them to the White House and larger majorities in the House and Senate come 2016. 

The Rubio-Lee tax plan is a good start and has a great focus on improve the economic situation of the middle class.   The next step is honing in on a unified Republican plan for healthcare.  The third step is to address the mess that is our system of regulations.  These three measures will help to show the Republican party should be taken seriously and that the party is determined to reignite economic growth. 

There are many issues right now which I would rather be debating like our military budget and the size of our navy instead our nation is mired in the muck of mediocre economic recovery and is struggling to shrink the deficit and provide our citizens with decent jobs.  The Republicans would be wise to focus on the economy because it is amazing how much more civil the debate regarding topics like the military, social issues, and other lighting inducing issues can be when everyone has more money in their pockets and the feeling of an economic wind behind their backs.

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