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Posted: 10 Jun 2015 04:55 PM PDT


Once again the progressive socialist liberals are predicting that award-winning commentator, the man who single-handedly saved AM talk radio, is down and out. Or that his relevance and influence is on the wane.

What we do know is that Limbaugh's syndicated program commands premium prices in a time when AM talk radio is giving way to other modes of entertainment such as streaming music services and podcasts. So it would be natural and expected that program directors would be forced to seek cheaper content -- even at the cost of a portion of their audience. The medium is changing and with change comes loss.

And, there is little doubt that Limbaugh's audience not only is conservative, but aging. Most younger voters have never heard of Limbaugh other than in a progressive rant. Limbaugh is clearly not someone that might appeal to the advertiser's demographic sweet spot 18-24 or 25-44 adults who were raised and live in a progressive environment.

But make no mistake, once you get past the ego"schtick," Rush's commonsense and knowledge of history give him the advantage over other radio hosts -- even though he is totally deaf and relies on cochlear implants and assistive devices.

Rush does not need to work another day in radio. Worth multiple millions and living in Florida's tax haven, Rush is set for life.

Bottom line ...

Can America afford to lose a courageous, outspoken commentator who is unafraid to call out an increasingly corrupt government that lies to your face and cares only about the ends -- pursuing the ends by any means, fair or foul.

No matter what the progressives say, there is no radio person on the air comparable to Limbaugh. A significant advantage should Limbaugh want to continue his radio career. And to expect one man to life a station out of the doldrums is an almost impossible chore.

We need truth tellers like Limbaugh, not liars like President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

-- steve

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