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Donald Trump and Character

Donald Trump and Character
No individual can rise above his core character—an integral part of that person’s very being and almost fully developed by the time he has reached the age of fifteen or sixteen. That combination of traits and attributes which go into the make-up of character defines a man or woman. Further, input into the development of that character which is most important is that of the individual who must carry it and live with it. The vast majority of his actions will be guided by that core character for the rest of his life. Of course, he can pretend to be a person of greater character, superior attributes—but that is a charade, and it cannot be sustained over a long period of time before he will revert to his basic self.
Donald Trump’s character is such that he needs no proof at all to conclude that Ted Cruz was the guilty party behind the publishing of a nude photo of Trump’s wife, even though the Super Pac that admits responsibility is not one that supports Cruz. Rather, it is an anti-Trump Pac called ‘Make America Awesome’. No matter. Trump knows, and he does not want to be confused by facts. Trump said, “He knew about the picture. He may have even bought the rights to the picture, (meaning his campaign). And the super PAC had it. He's very close to the super PAC. I didn't start this. He did.”
So we are to be persuaded Cruz found out about the photo of Melania, bought the rights to it, and directed ‘Make America Awesome’ to release it. In addition to being disgustingly low-brow, such an act would be illegal. One would think a Constitutional lawyer would be aware of that fact and would be loathe to risk a fine or prison term. As an article in the Washington Post reported, “We expect this from Trump by now. Trump says things, and they are wrong. People note that they are wrong, and Trump and his supporters don't care. That's the pattern.”
On the other hand, The National Enquirer, which might as well be owned by Trump (do you think he would admit it if he did own it?) prints an article accusing Cruz of not one but five marital infidelities. It is known that the owner of record of the Enquirer is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and has printed articles critical of other opponents of Trump (Dr. Carson comes to mind). Trump, however, demands he be given plausible deniability when he says he was not behind publishing of that article on Cruz, and all his loyal followers plus other haters of Ted Cruz will gladly grant him that.
Really, in terms of the damage done, at this point it doesn’t matter who was responsible for the Enquirer story--a fact of which Trump is keenly aware. There are enough people who will believe it that it is likely to sway the electorate in the next few primaries. Between that article and the unfathomable continuing campaign of John Kasich, by the time the truth is known, Trump will already be the de facto winner of the Republican nomination for the presidency. He should be congratulated. Only . . .
Everything about Donald Trump shouts that he is a self-absorbed narcissist who only wants to make Donald Trump look great. If America can be helped at the same time, well, that would be alright. He has proven time and again that he is willing to destroy campaigns, reputations careers—whatever is necessary to vanquish anyone who opposes him. It doesn’t matter whether the sometimes ridiculous accusations he makes are true. All that is important is that they denigrate, belittle, humiliate and embarrass that person towards whom his poisonous venom is directed. If you are willing to destroy the lives and/or reputations of others, why should you concern yourself with whether what you say is true or fair? The only objective is to win.
Whatever Cruz is or has done, he is correct in his assertion that Trump is a sniveling coward. Yes, Trump is a bully, but only a verbal bully as opposed to one who would enter the ring himself to take on an opponent. He hides behind someone else and claims he doesn’t want to believe what he has just accused his opponent of, but “this is out there . . . It might be true”. How many times have you heard him say that? Decorum, honesty and fairness dictate that you should not, cannot just throw out a baseless allegation unless . . .  your goal is to tar someone’s reputation and character in order to disqualify them as an opponent in order to gain something you want. Well, in the minds of many, that prize might well become less valuable once Trump has acquired it than it is now, with an Islamo-fascist as president. If Donald Trump is elected, America's trajectory is not upward towards being a better nation. It will mean enough Americans are accepting of the kind of coarseness that should shame the most tawdry of us. In any event, Trump’s methods are cowardly. They are unseemly AND unmanly.
It can be hoped that most Americans do not want a cowardly or unmanly president, but . . . will you have a choice come November?

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