Monday, July 11

Reaching the Point of No Return

Reaching the Point of No Return

We are rapidly approaching a point of no return in American politics. Never have there been such radical differences in the direction that the separate parties are attempting to lead us.       

The secular humanists—you may prefer ‘progressives’, ‘liberals’ or ‘Democrats’, but henceforth I intend to call them just what they are; Secular Humanists—desire to lead our country away from the foundation laid by our forefathers. That foundation had a basis in English common law, bolstered by the Judeo-Christian ethos. It distinctly delineated right from wrong and suggested that its citizenry be gently taught to freely and voluntarily go beyond simple obedience of those laws so as to not infringe upon the rights of others.

Read this next part slowly, because I believe it is one of the fundamentals of our Constitution: Freedoms never experienced by any civilization from the beginning of time were deliberately provided in our founding document. Why? Was it because the founders believed that man is inherently good and continuing day by day to get better? No, I don’t think the founding fathers were of that opinion. Those freedoms were set in place with the firm belief that the people of America would never purposely choose to separate themselves from the beneficence of a loving God nor reject His easily understood rules for the conduct of a civilized society. They rightly believed to do so would be the epitome of folly.

For close to two hundred years, that prophecy held mostly true. However, something happened in the sixties that started first a slow, almost indiscernible erosion of God’s authority and the rule of law. That erosion was slowed temporarily in the eighties, but then rapidly picked up speed again in the nineties and continues until it threatens to sweep away everything good, honest and worthwhile in its path.

The enemy of our society, the republican form of governance and of capitalism itself is—Secular Humanism.


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