Friday, August 12

                                                     Is Donald Trump Unfit?

Congratulations to the fifty former national security heads who have bravely opposed electing Donald Trump President of the United States. What guts you men showed! What Patriotism! You have opened yourselves to criticism by . . . Rush Limbaugh, maybe? Matt Drudge? Talk about sacrificing yourself! As an ‘unanticipated’ bonus, the mainstream media is ecstatic with your denunciation of Trump.

I will believe that all of you are brave and patriotic when I see you challenging the mainstream media in a meaningful way and pointing out some of the flaws of Hillary Rodham Clinton with as much fervor as you demonstrate in disparaging Donald Trump.

Is the implication in your condemnation of Mr. Trump that you believe Ms. Clinton is a stable, moral, honest person and in every way fit to be President? We have seen no criticism of her from your august group, so are we to take it that your criticism of Trump is a recommendation for Ms. Clinton? We would be comforted if you patriots would create a double column containing all Mr. Trump’s DEMONSTRATED weaknesses (and any strength that you might be able to conjure up) alongside a similar list of Ms. Clinton’s demonstrated STRENGTHS and (should you be aware of any) weaknesses. Otherwise, this condemnation of Trump reads very much like an endorsement of Ms. Clinton and a sellout to the party that is rapidly proving that they are controlled by secular humanists.

Donald Trump has no morals, you say. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who is, of course, a paragon of virtue, morality and self-sacrificing patriotism; bound by her beliefs to inform women they have the right to abort a child up until the moment before it is born. That is not high moral ground

Ms Clinton has exhibited immense courage, concern and a caring love for those for whom she had responsibility. How? By taking the hours immediately following the attack on the State Department facility at Benghazi to find something or someone other than herself or her boss to blame for the assault. She could have wasted time trying to find some way to rescue those men, whose safety should have been her primary concern, from being overwhelmed by terrorists.

She demonstrated her total commitment to the Constitution by attempting, in secret meetings not open to press coverage, to create a healthcare program at the beginning of her husband’s first term as President. She held no office, elective or appointive, and was thus acting ex officio. That healthcare scheme was so over-the-top Socialist members of her own party realized it would never fly. It would have made Obamacare look like a plan drawn up by capitalists.

Hillary’s excellent judgment was demonstrated by her operating an illegal (I know—she said it was legal and that all previous Secretaries of State did it) private email server while in that office. We know the server was not hacked, because she told us so. Where Wiki-Leaks got all those emails from DNC is anybody’s guess; perhaps the same person who found those emails will also find the 33,000 missing from her private server. Or maybe those emails will show up a day or two after the election, like her billing records from the Rose Law Firm; found—in the White House—a few days after the statute of limitations had run out. It was magic—one moment they are not to be found anywhere, and then, ’Presto’—they magically appear.  Amazing!

Hillary is shrewd. Who else could turn a $1000 investment in the commodities market into $100,000 in a ten month period? That’s an annual rate of earnings of twelve hundred (1200) percent! Insinuations of possible insider trading were quickly tamped down by a fawning media. Why did she quit trading? With that acumen for knowing when to buy and sell, she could have become the female Warren Buffet.

One thing of which I would remind you patriotic national security leaders: while we don’t know what Donald Trump would do in a given situation, we know exactly what Hillary will do. Including the fact that should the secular humanists (some people still call them Democrats) win this election, there will never be another opportunity to elect a conservative President or Congress.

Why, you ask?

Illegal immigrants have overrun the United States on Obama’s watch. They have been granted rights and privileges not accorded U S citizens. I would be willing to bet my next retirement check that, should Hillary become our next President, most of these same illegal immigrants will be granted citizenship between now and the next major election. After all, Hillary said we should not try to reduce the number of voters by requiring a photo ID to vote, but enlarge the voter rolls. With whom? She has suggested that convicted criminals should not lose that franchise simply because they made a ‘mistake’. It is a little unclear as to whether that latitude would extend to those mistake-makers who are still serving time in prison. Some of you may recall that in 1996, more than one million (1,000,000) immigrants were hurriedly nationalized; granted citizenship. That was more than twice the average number given citizenship each year between 1990 and 2000. Oh, it was also an election year. Do you remember who won that election? Bill Clinton.

Hillary is a congenital liar, a thief (she had to return more than $200,000 worth of furniture and accessories she had stolen when she and Bill left the White House in 2000) and she is also the penultimate narcissist.

According to you patriotic former national security advisers, she will still be far preferable to Donald Trump as our next president.

Show us the proof. No true conservative desires to create worse difficulties for our nation than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have foisted upon us over the past eight years. Where’s the beef? What has convinced you that Trump is unquestionably a worse candidate than Clinton?

I have not liked Donald Trump from the beginning. He is a loud-mouthed bully and not as careful as I’d like him to be with his speech. However, he is not a politician—which is a plus. Many of us have had a bellyful of politicians, of both parties. And Trump would appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices. To offset that one decidedly huge advantage, you will have to give us a very compelling reason voters should not prefer an imperfect Donald Trump to a Hillary Clinton many of us feel is fatally flawed. 

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