Sunday, February 26


Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer have joined George Will as my least favored media talking heads. There are several others—like Bernie Goldberg, often seen on Bill O’Reilly’s Factor show, that belong on a growing list of people who want us to believe they are SHOCKED! – SHOCKED! - at Trump’s post-election behavior. It’s as though they believed a magic switch would be thrown and Trump would begin behaving exactly as all politicians (particularly Presidents) have done for at least the past twenty-four years. More illustrative of the Potomac intelligentsia is their pronouncement of doom upon this administration because (Gasp!) they don’t follow the accepted protocol in their handling of ANYTHING. Obviously, Trump hasn’t a clue.

Does it take more than a little hubris to assume that a man who has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune, has managed to establish and prove up many highly successful and lucrative businesses, and has also defeated the best and brightest presidential candidates that either party could array against him—this man is somehow so stupid that he doesn’t know how to deal with obstacles, many of them manufactured, that the secularists place in his path?

A petition being circulated by mental health professionals asserts President Trump is ‘unfit to serve’! 24,000 signatures have been garnered thus far.

To the mental health professionals and those of the enlightened media who have informed us President Trump is ‘unhinged’, is it fair to ask what evidence you would cite to illustrate your point? If it is his behaviors that you deem irrational, perhaps you could provide us with a definition of ‘rational’, and tell us whether that definition is applicable to all members of the human race? For instance, is it rational for a man in his late 50s or 60s to throw a chair across the floor of a crowded gymnasium? I cannot see Dean Smith, Roy Williams, or Bill Self doing anything so rash, but a highly successful college basketball coach named Bobby Knight did exactly that—and remained a winning coach for several years thereafter! Rational behavior? If that behavior accomplishes the goal that you are seeking, perhaps it is not so irrational for you. You would not expect a Caspar Milquetoast to smash a 250-pound hulking bully in the mouth with his fist; that would be the epitome of irrational behavior. But for Arnold Schwarzenegger to take such action might be a more sensible, even ‘rational’ response to provocation.

I don’t like Donald Trump; haven’t liked him since he first announced his candidacy. He is crude, rude, and perfectly willing to destroy the reputation and career of an opponent to obtain his ends. I truly believe that Dale Carnegie, author of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, might well have wanted to punch him in the nose.

Anyone who expected Donald Trump to behave exactly as each—indeed, ANY—of the past Presidents has to be smoking some of that funny tobacco. Donald Trump is not George Bush. There are even fewer similarities between Trump and Barack Obama. Trump is Trump. For good or ill, he is going to do things in the ways that have proved, I think you would agree, fairly successful for him in the past. To do otherwise would be foolish, don’t you think? Why exchange the thoroughbred you have ridden to stunning victories, for the old grey mare proven time and again to be slow afoot, often finishing last?

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
--Henry David Thoreau: Walden

 Some of the actions he will take during his presidency are going to be applauded by many who are looking for change in America. Some of the things he does will cause many to wince in fear and disgust. But if you are surprised that he is who he is, then you have definitely not been paying attention.

Trump was not elected to win the approval of the media and politicians. He was chosen because he promised to bring a little sanity back to politics; to do things that are in the best interests of America, for a change; to repeal and replace Obamacare, to restore some American pride, to rebuild our faltering military, to solve the immigration problems, to cut taxes and to restore jobs. Everything the immediate past president did accomplished the exact opposite of those ends. America wanted a change. It is as simple as that. Perhaps the media and politicians of both parties will be the last to comprehend that message.

Criticize him if you must. He is NEVER going to be the kinder, gentler president you want him to be. He is always going to be egocentric, thin-skinned, and tone deaf. Maddeningly so, perhaps. But as long as he is making a bonafide effort to restore American leadership, pride and a sense of moral responsibility, anyone who is a genuine conservative should stop and think before giving the secularists too much assistance in trying to destroy our President.

By the way, where are the Democrat opposite numbers of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and Susan Collins? The only Democrat Senator to EVER oppose Obama in any way was Joe Manchin of West Virginia—and that was muted opposition to Obama’s stance on coal. Are the secularists convictions more strongly held than those of conservatives? Interesting . . . 

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