Monday, May 29

Two More Idiots Added To The List

The older I get the more stupid young people seem to be getting, I don’t get it, did they not teach the same things in school as when I went to school? Jesse Waters of Waters World fame went on the prowl for a Memorial Day quiz of young people, here’s a small sample taken from the Blaze.

“Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” asked Watters to several beach goers.
“The French,” responded one woman.
“That’s a good question,” said one man. “I don’t know.”
“China,” answered another young woman.
“North versus South,” responded one particularly confident-sounding man. “The Confederate versus the Union.”
Watters also asked people to name the victor of the U.S. Civil War.
“Britain,” replied one woman.
“America and Britain and Spain, some part of Spain, and uh, uh yeah,” said another young woman.
It’s no wonder they don’t know anything, when we see college students protesting and rioting against free speech when they should be studying, what can we expect?  Read more.

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