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Are Republicans Being Perfidious?

Are Republicans Being Perfidious?

I can’t remember the first time that I as an FBI Agent heard a defense attorney say, “You can use a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich.” More than thirty years ago.

What a nonsensical statement! What did it mean?

Well, it means that the Grand Jury system can be misused by an unscrupulous prosecutor to get an opponent or the friend of an opponent—anyone you might want—indicted by a Grand Jury. After all, the defense is not represented in any way in the process. The prosecutor presents to the grand jury information which the jury may consider in determining whether to return a ‘true bill’ indictment; recommending charges be brought. Understand this: a Grand Jury may hear and consider hearsay—something another person is purported to have said or seen. Hearsay may not be presented in a jury trial, but can be used to obtain an indictment.

The Grand Jury system works very well provided it is supervised by an honest prosecutor truly seeking justice. However, you can see that it can be easily abused.

Former Georgia Congressman, and before that United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Bob Barr recently said, “Show me who you want prosecuted, and I can produce the charges supporting an indictment.” 

He wasn’t saying that he had ever done that or would ever do it—he was commenting on the selection of a Special Prosecutor to look into the matter of suspected collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government to influence the results of the 2016 Presidential election. Barr’s suspicion, shared by many, is that former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been instructed by someone with the authority to speak for Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama—possibly both (George Soros?)—to find sufficient charges to support the impeachment and conviction of President Donald Trump.

For those of you who were willing to give Mueller a chance, to trust him to conduct this inquiry in a fair and bipartisan manner, he quickly dispelled any hopes that this might be an even-handed, just investigation. How did he do this? By hiring Hillary’s former attorney, and employing NOBODY with the least affinity for anyone or anything conservative. 

Almost all the attorneys Mueller chose to assist in this investigation contributed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

Add the fact that Mueller and former FBI Director and leaker-in-chief James Comey are such close friends that FBI Agents say they are practically joined at the hip. Doesn’t that sound cozy—particularly since Comey is on record saying he testified before Congress as he did in order to force (his word; not mine) the appointment of a Special Prosecutor? Comey will be a principal witness in any subsequent trial. Yet in a practical way, he is also participating in the investigation. What could go wrong?

If Republicans and Trump’s Justice Department don’t act and quickly, you may be assured an indictment of Trump is forthcoming. Soon. 

Ah, Republicans. You may dislike Donald Trump. You might even hate him. But you may chisel these words in stone: If the Progressives succeed in impeaching and convicting Donald Trump, it will be many years before Republicans ever win another national election—if in fact they ever do.

Without Trump, a drastically diminished and wounded Republican party will never be able to obtain passage of a Voter ID act. Likewise, they will not be able to attract enough support to return even the worst of criminal aliens to their homelands. Nor will voter rolls be cleansed of voters who died twenty years ago. These three facts alone are sufficient to insure Democrats will win all future national elections.

You don’t believe that? There is one sure way to find out. 

Leave President Trump twisting in the wind. Allow this travesty of justice to occur. Allow him to be humiliated and reviled; it isn’t you they are persecuting/prosecuting, is it? Take the so-called “high ground”; don’t stoop to Trump’s level by defending him! How gauche! The press will no longer love you if you speak out in Trump’s defense and support counter-charges against Hillary.

Remain quiet and docile. Then see how well you do in your campaign for re-election.

Remember that line in the Ernest Hemingway book For Whom The Bell Tolls?

Do not send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee."

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