Saturday, August 12

They’re Coming For Your Kids

In today’s world, parents (and grandparents) need to be extra careful what their children watch on TV. The days of plopping your child in front of the TV to watch cartoons while you do a few things around the house is over. If you are having to ask WHY? Well because the left has now infiltrated the cartoons that our kids watch.
Recently, Disney Junior aired an episode of “Doc McStuffins” featuring a family with two moms. Not only that, another cartoon shows homosexual indoctrination about two young boys “falling in love.” How they get away with this is beyond me, I don’t even want to watch that kind of stuff on cable, yet they are allowed to brainwash our kids, teaching them all these perversions are OK. Well not for me, my children, or my grandchildren. Read more.

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