Wednesday, March 14

We Never Kissed The Japs Ass

On December 7th 1941 the Japanese Air Force bombed Pearl Harbor with a sneak attack and killed over 2,400 Americans. On September 11th 2001 Muslims surprised us by hijacking commercial planes and killed almost 3,000 Americans. But what a difference in the way Americans responded.

After the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor they immediately became our enemy, President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and rounded up all Japanese people and put them in camps to make sure they would not strike a blow against America. Movies were made to rally the American spirit and denounce Japan. They were a hated people for what they did to America.

Fast forward to September 11th 2001. After that horrible day did Muslims become the enemy? No. Did Hollywood make movies to rally Americans against Muslims? No. Did America do anything that would protect us from Muslim invaders? No.

What did America do? They made Muslims a protected class, Hollywood has made movies celebrating Muslims, and America has bent over backwards to make sure Muslims are welcome here. Why if you say anything derogatory about Muslims they hit you with a hate crime.

How many Americans have died in the aftermath of 9/11 because America was afraid to offend Muslims? How many Muslims have bombed and shot up Americans that could have been prevented if we just treated Muslims as the enemy?

There is no doubt that many Muslims come here not to assimilate into the American way of life, but to spread Sharia Law and have America adopt their way of life. Why in Minneapolis, Minnesota which has a heavy Muslim population, for the first time Mohamed cracked the most popular boys’ names in 2017 at the St. Cloud Hospital, which delivers nearly 3,000 babies a year.

Also, caving into the demands of a terrorist front group, the City of Atlanta Detention Center in Georgia is allowing female Muslim inmates to wear a head scarf (hijab) used as a symbol of modesty in the Islamic dress code. Hats and other head covers are banned in American state and federal prisons for security and safety reasons. Making an exception to this rule to appease followers of one religion sets a dangerous precedent. Corrections officials at the City of Atlanta Detention Center changed the rules to satisfy the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

But it’s not only America that is facing this same terror, it is happening all over the world, especially in the Scandinavian countries. We didn’t kiss the Japs ass and we remained safe, but we are kissing the Muslims ass and Americans are dying and there is no end in sight.

Just a quick note, not all Japanese people were bad during the World War II years, and not all Muslims are bad, but the actions of America kept us safe during World War II, not so much now.

This is one man’s opinion.  

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