Friday, March 22

Make No Mistake, We Are At War

It should be apparent to everyone that we are at war, a war that means the survival of our society. On one side we have the Democratic Party, on the other side we have the normal sensible people of this country, the people who know what America is. It’s a war out there, not with guns, tanks and planes, but we are being destroyed from within.

There is no doubt that the Democrats have every intention of overturning our society. There is no doubt that the Democrats care more about the illegal immigrants that are in this country than they do about the citizens of this country. They sit by as American citizens are killed at the hands of these illegal criminals and what do they do, they set up sanctuary cities and states and pass laws that prevent I.C.E from capturing and deporting these animals. How many times must this happen before real Americans stand up and push back.

The Democratic Party has become the party of evil. Any party that is in favor of infanticide is truly an evil party. But we should have known this was coming when they voted to remove God from their platform at the 2008 convention.

Little by little we allow them to chip away at American beliefs and values, we sit and watch just shaking our heads and do nothing, well this has to stop. The Democrats will keep pushing and pushing until someone throws up a stop sign and says, enough is enough.

The Democrats are looking to overturn Amendment after Amendment of our Constitution. Freedom of speech is under attack, our Second Amendment is under attack, and it’s only a matter of time before they start confiscating all guns. Remember if you disagree with them you are a racist.

They are looking to do away with the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court and give sixteen year olds the right to vote along with illegal immigrants. Why, because they lost the election to Donald Trump and they want to make sure they never lose another.  

In short the Democratic Party has become the Socialist Party, They call Trump and his supporters Hitler like, when they are the ones who are little Hitler’s. They say the Constitution is under attack because of Trump when they are the ones who are looking to up end the Constitution. Remember they already have tried to ban books, what’s next burning them?

It’s time, the war has started and we can’t let them win.

This is one man’s opinion.

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