Wednesday, October 16

Why Do Indigenous People Deserve A Holiday?

 I don’t understand this Indigenous People Day, who are these people and why do they deserve a holiday? Holidays are usually declared to celebrate a special event or a great person; Indigenous People do not fall under either category.

Christopher Columbus was a great explorer, it took a lot of balls to get a crew together and sail off to unknown lands, especially at that time, when people believed that the earth was flat and if you sailed out too far you would fall off the end of the earth.

These Progressives seem to forget Columbus was a man of his times. It was a violent world, a time when people conquered other people and other lands. Great explorers and warriors were celebrated and revered; it’s idiotic to judge people of that time by today’s standards. 

If we were to judge all great men of the past by today’s standards there would be no one to celebrate. Do you think that 100 years from now as people look back they will criticize and condemn the things that were done today? They probably will. I guarantee you they will criticize and condemn all these idiotic Progressives for all their moronic beliefs, like saying there are more than two genders. 

Indigenous People did nothing to deserve a holiday for, truth be known, they went to war with each other, slaughtered those from other tribes and held slaves. These Progressives are big on condemning people who owned slaves, let the start with the  Indigenous People, their hands are far from clean.

I’ll stick with Mr. Columbus

 This Is One Man’s Opinion.

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