Monday, November 11

Conservatives Getting Itchy and Demanding to See the FISA and Durham Report

Every conservative outlet are demanding the FISA and the Durham report to be made public. It seems at this point that prosecutions and arrest will be made. It doesn’t make sense withholding the information from the public; unless there are damning evidence of a crime and timing of the release of the information is critical.

Just like playing chess, you have to strategize eight to ten move ahead of your opponent. Honestly, I believe the reports are done and Trump knows about it. There is a video clip on YouTube having Trump to say he know about the FISA report and said

 I think people—I know nothing about it, in terms of the report. I’m waiting for the report like everybody else. But I predict you will see things that you don’t even believe, the level of corruption—whether it’s Comey; whether it’s [Peter] Strzok and his lover, [Lisa] Page; whether it’s so many other people—[Andrew] McCabe; whether it’s President Obama himself. Let’s see whether or not it’s President Obama. Let’s see whether or not they put that in.”

Just reading between the lines, Trump know about the report. He wouldn’t state the names of the individuals involved or it would be another huge narrative for impeachment for the media. So, I’m going to throw out a theory here. Trump is waiting for the right time to have Attorney General Barr to release all the documents to the public. I guess the time would be when the “shit hits the fan” and the lies from the liberal left gets too intense. I would think the report will release once the House impeach. Trump and before the Senate tries to convict him.

Trump is running circles over Washington. He is creating the narrative that was once beholden by the left wing media and the media hates it. Unlike other presidents who are passive, controlled by a wealthy establishment, and dictated by the media, Trump is not a puppet. Trump doesn’t need the money; in fact, he donates his salary to charity. Trump will fight back and the establishment doesn’t know what to do. It is something the establishment had never faced.

So, don’t swear about the report. Trump will be fine. Once made public, the full disclosure of the report will be another narrative that the Left wouldn’t know what to do. Checkmate for Trump.

The FISA and Durham Report Will Be Release When AG Barr Says So

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