Wednesday, December 11

FISA report is not Final. Durham Gets the Final Say

The liberals and conservatives are bickering and taunting victory for their side from the recent FISA report that IG Horowitz presented to Congress. Everybody from both sides are claiming vindication. The media has down played it. They are getting vicious in their attack purporting lies to the public that the FISA report didn’t not produce the evidence that the Republicans claim; even though, it did. 

Bottom line, there are 17 errors and omissions that the FBI done to improperly get a approval to spy against and American citizen. In this case, it was a member of the Trump team. Horowitz won’t state it was intentional in his report. In fact, Horowitz can do so much. He can’t call on witness and his scope of authority is rather limited. However, he did find irregularities that shows an intent of spying on a America citizen. 

If you committed 17 errors and omissions at your workplace, I am confident that you are either incompetent or negligent. Either case, you are wrong and may lose your job. This is the same with the FISA report. There was gross negligence to commit 17 errors. I could understand 2 or 3, but not 17. To say it was an accident would be inexcusable. 

I’m glad US attorney who is doing his own investigation in conjunction with IG Horowitz and he finds criminal intent. Durhams report will be presented in due time. Before getting everybody’s panties in an uproar, he made this statement:

It is important for the liberals and the mainstream media not to get too excited for victory. There is more to this collusion. It is Attorney General Barr and US attorney John Durham to give a full and final report to the corruption during the 2016 presidential election. It will disclose those involved in the corruption. Like Trump said, it will be an eye opener. This is Trumps draining the swamp he promise the American people he would do. 

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