Wednesday, November 23

Sarah Palin To Endorse Michele Bachmann

Sarah Palin is about to make her endorsement of Michele Bachmann, and she is going to do it in the next couple of weeks.

Here is why:

You can Say what you want about Palin, except that she doesn't know how to game the system. She is going to do the the right thing at the right time to make herself relevant, and she is going make herself look good while she does it.

As I posted earlier, one of her insiders has advised that she has made up her mind, and is about to make her endorsement of a GOP primary candidate. To me the only logical choice is Bachmann.

She is not going to come out for Newt. He is riding high in the polls, but is likely to crash and burn. Backing him right before a free fall wouldn't make her look good. Also, if I am wrong about his impending fall, how could she look like a hero if he was going to win anyway?

How about Herman Cain? What if she endorsed him, and then some of the sexual allegations turned out to be true? That wouldn't make her look good. Besides, he has already started to tumble in the polls.

Rick Perry is finished. His Ned in the first reader debating skills killed any chance that he might have had. Backing a sure loser is not going to make Sarah Palin look good.

Ron Paul is a nut who blames America on 911, and does not believe in building the border fence. Backing a nut would not keep Palin relevant.

The others simply don't have a chance -- back to the loser theory.

Bachmann, on the other hand, is setting on bottom, but is likely to surge. She has won some major endorsements; plus, the conservative blogosphere is starting to rally behind her. If she backed Bachmann now, she could take credit for any gains Michele would probably make regardless.

She might wait to see how Bachmann does in Iowa, but I doubt it. Because if Bachmann flops in Iowa, she is going to run out of money and fall out of the race. So the time to act is now.

Palin is going to back Bachmann, and she is going to do it soon...

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