Wednesday, September 3

Why I Reactivated Conservative Blogs Central

I can see that it was a dang stupid idea to mothball this old blog.

I had good intentions. My plan was to migrate it over to Wordpress and then grow it from there -- mainly because it had become a pain in the butt to manage the site's contributors.

The Blogger platform will only let you have 100 authors per blog. Once you reach 100, if someone else wants to blog you have to hunt someone up to delete. That is the frustrating part. There is no way of telling who has stopped blogging apart from who is just taking time off. So instead of stressing about it all of the time I tried to talk people into moving their activity over to the New CBC.

Only ten or fifteen people made the move. Then those poor folks were forced to deal with a bad login plugin that would only work half the time, and the dramatic drop of readership due to the move.

The end result was that everyone said screw it and stopped blogging on either site. And I don't blame them.

The amazing thing is that even after the old CBC went inactive it is still generating an amazing number of hits. So I have decided to crank it back up.

If you have an account there fill free to start blogging. I just won't be adding any more contributors. If you are in you are in.

Anyone new can register and start blogging on the new revamped and renamed WordPress site -- "RINO Blog Watch"

The bugs are fixed, and I have added a forum that is indexed by Google. And now its search engine footprint has finally grown to the point where it is worth a person's time to mess with.


"RINO Blog Watch" along with is a part of the Conservative Blogs Central network. It was originally created because of the limited number of contributors that can be added to the blogger platform. Like CBC it is a place for you and I to bash both liberal democrats and the RINOS of the establishment GOP.
Conservative Blogs Central Become A Blogger
I'm 41, Conservative Blogs Central and RINO Blog Watch will all automatically post to my social sites and all have each other's feeds in the sidebars. So if you register with RBW, your postings will enjoy the traffic of all three sites.
If you register here you will instantly gain both blogging rights, and use of the forum.

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