Monday, February 11

Today’s Democrats, What The Hell Happened

I have to tell you that there is no longer any doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party is now the Un-American Party. It seems to me that they are purposely going out of their way to destroy America.

It is obvious that they take the side of people that are here illegally over the American citizen.  They have setup sanctuary cities purposely to protect illegal immigrants. They refuse to secure the boarder and do not seem to care how many American citizens die at the hands of people that are here illegally.  

Can you imagine if today’s Democratic Party existed during World War II, we would probably be all speaking German right now. The Democratic Party is so anti-American and anti-Semitic they would have definitely been on the side of Hitler.

After the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor I’m sure they would have said that America brought this upon themselves. Not only the Democratic Party, but college kids around the country would have cheered saying America got what it deserved.

The Socialist platform that the Dems are now rallying around should be a warning sign to the rest of America. How quickly we forget, but at the 2012 Democratic Convention God was taken out of their platform and booed when God was put back in.

Also on the first day of the 2016 convention not one American flag was on stage, on the second day they appeared only because people noticed and complained. (Not the people at the convention) 

Now for those of you who know about Socialism, know that the first things that are banned in a Socialist Society are God and guns. Our Second Amendment is under attack in the Democratic Party and God is on his way out.

I’m sure that there are some decent Democrats left, but they seem to be hiding somewhere with tape across their mouths. People need to start speaking out against this Democratic Party, or who knows what language we’ll be speaking in the future.

This is one man’s opinion.

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