Wednesday, November 13


The open public impeachment inquiry was a joke. I saw Chairman Adam Schiff change a procedural rule during the middle of questioning by the GOP, and had many palm to face moments as Republicans decimated anti-Trump witnesses. It was a spectacle. After three years of bullshit, it came down to this. It was an extremely boring reality show. The media was behind all this from day one. They started with a Washington Post headline saying “Let the Impeachment Begin.”   They created the narrative. As I said many times, Democrats and the Media are dumb. Besides, the media are losing ratings from these public hearings. I don’t think people care. Trump supporters need not to worry. The anti-Trump crowd may need an antacid because the proceedings aren’t going the way they wanted. This has nothing to do about a criminal action. The anti-Trump crowd just want to rid of him from office. It just shows that the Left can’t beat Trump at the ballot box and there is no viable democrat candidate to challenge Trump. Thus, the Left must resort to this.

There is a poll out by Newsweek that Trump approval rating hasn’t change and these public open impeachment inquiry won’t hurt Trumps ratings. Now, it’s important to read deeper into the article. It stated Trumps approval number were rising; not falling. I read that 97% of Republicans support Trump for a second term. Last week, it was reported that 87% of the Republican Party supported him. Impeachment or Not, Trump Approval Rating Remains the SaIn contrast, Obama had a 77% support from the Democrat party for a second term. 

I wish this all stops and get the government back to work. There are a lot of people suffering. These impeachment hearings are preventing our representatives to do their job. I don’t see anything going to  come about from this. 

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