Thursday, October 7


The 2020 election was a sham and majority of Americans knew it to be true. They called us conspiracy theorists, but what other word would one use if the government and its extension like big tech and the MSM hide the facts. The first accusation depicting Biden as a fake president was during the early beginning of his presidency when he started to sign executive orders in a fake movie set from the drama series “West Wing.” Now, the Whitehouse isn’t hiding it anymore. In a fake Hollywood set across from the Whitehouse, Biden and his handlers use it to fool the American people. From conference calls to leaders to taking a fake booster shot, it’s embarrassing and no excuse to use a fake movie set. For goodness sakes, Biden is president after all. Unless, the military is in charge and disavowing Biden access to the Oval Office because of the pending decertification of the 2020 election from the state audits currently being done nationally. 

You can call me a conspiracy nutjob; but so far, Trump is running a shadow government and trolling Biden the same way Obama did to Trump.  Trump and the patriots are in control. Trump had to do this; in order, future elections are fair and honest, and to expose and derail the Washington establishment that’s destroying America. 

It’s already determined that 80 million people didn’t vote for Biden. It is a fact that elections are rigged. We have seen the MSM can’t be trusted. There are polls point to sub-30% approval rating for Biden. The American people are pissed about the 70’s style stagflation, high oil prices, open borders, and the government infringement into our rights. 

On top of this, we are uncertain if we have a president in the Whitehouse. 

 Fake President

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