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Monday, October 17

Mitt Romney Is Our John Kerry

I didn’t say this. My husband did. And it’s a good observation. Mitt Romney is the candidate that sticks out as the one that ‘fits the mold’ – the mold that Republicans so desperately need to break out of. When stacked up against President Obama, he doesn’t offer much “change” or “hope” compared to his primary opponents. And his message is bound to be lost in the media’s death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts methods of tearing down boring candidates, just as they did with John Kerry.

Republicans are perfectly poised to have a sweeping victory, if only they would nominate a fresh, new face (literally) instead of a middle-aged white businessman/politician.

Let’s take a look at Herman Cain.

The pros:
  • He’s got a plan. And more importantly, he’s got a plan people can understand. None of this “I have a plan – I can’t explain it on TV because it’s an extensive 7463935 point plan that makes everything 362740 times more complicated to understand than it already is – but trust me, I’ve got a plan, and it’s fantastic” crap.
  • He’s a good communicator. With some professional support, he’ll be a great one.
  • He’s not a politician. Thank God.
  • He’s got a fantastic story. The man beat stage four cancer for crying out loud!
  • He’s black. That takes away Obama’s worn out race card. If you think he’s not planning to pull that puppy out this go around, you are gravely mistaken, my friend.
The cons:
  • He’s not a politician. It hasn’t really happened yet, but if they get desperate and he seems like a big enough threat, Cain’s primary opponents will call it a sin that he’s never held a political office before.
  • He’s black. There are still bigots. Besides the crazies who are probably also felons and therefore not allowed to vote, there are old people who wouldn’t vote for a black man even if two black men were the only names on the ballot. They are dying off, thankfully, but unfortunately they vote more than any other age group. I’m hoping that most senior citizens are NOT those people.
Note that those cons are really only valid in the primary race, and become a moot point, for the most part, in a Cain v. Obama scenario.
It’s my personal hope that the GOP finally wrenches itself from it’s establishment fetish and jumps at the opportunity to join the 21st century.

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