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Tuesday, March 6

Issa: Federal workers drive SUVs not the Chevy Volt

Nobody wants to drive one of these pieces of crap. Besides they are HURTING THE ENVIRONMENT!

Chevy volts run off electricity. The amount of energy produced by renewable sources in the United States is only 3.6% solar/wind and 6.9% hydro. A typical power plant is around 34% efficient in converting BTW to mechanical energy. A typical internal combustion engine (car) is around 43% efficient at doing the same.

Even if one was dumb enough to by into this global warming crap, how in the hell do they think they are saving the environment by upping the emissions of CO by running electric cars?

For all you moonbats that think that you are super intelligent, go research this yourself, put a pencil to it and then get back to me.

Here is a good starting point.

efficiency = output energy / input energy = 34.2 / 34.6 = 98.8%

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