Tuesday, March 27

Vote for Obama because He’s Black!

"Do I LOOK like I voted for McCain &^%$#!?"
Samuel L. Jackson announced the unwavering liberal "logic" he voted for President Obama because he is black.

But did anyone hear the rest of Mr. Jackson’s argument?  He shall re-elect President Obama.  Only then will the President not have to appease anyone for a third term.  In this case, the president “won't give a sh*t” thus change will REALLY come.

By that logic, how about voting for Charles Manson.  He REALLY doesn't give a sh*t!

Or we could put a carnival tic-tac-toe chicken in the white house and replace congress with a couple Dungeon and Dragons dice and a magic 8-ball.

At least we'd lower spending...

The NEW House of Representatives...

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