Monday, November 26

The Liberal Crutch

     A crutch word is when someone says “um”, “uh”, or some such noise, when they don’t know what to say while speaking.  “Racist” is the liberals’ new crutch word.  It is becoming more and more apparent, lately.  Whether in conversation, editorial commentary in the media, or social media posts, if someone disagrees with the leftist point of view, they are immediately labeled a racist. 

     Part of my career deals with a sort of customer service.  I find it interesting that if a minority has an issue with how a stranger or business treats them, they throw down the race card.  Ten times out of ten, that minority was the only one that had even alluded to race.  I have found an anti-venom to their charge. 

     When someone makes such a charge, and it is found to be baseless, I say two simple sentences: “You are the only person mentioning race.  That makes YOU the racist.”  Granted, I tend to be outspoken and not easily intimidated, but it works.  It’s as if I hit them with a verbal stun gun.  They look confused and don’t know how to respond.  But, why does it work?

     It works because liberals are so used to their favorite crutch word having a major effect on their prey.  Everyone, especially whites, has become so terrified of being labeled a racist, they tend to cower at the charge.  In this modern PC world, one receiving such an insult may second-guess themselves and even conclude they have made some egregious error that must be perceived as racist.  I wager many voted for Obama for that very reason – to avoid being perceived as a racist; whether by their liberal social-circle, or by some misplaced white-guilt. Lord knows that liberals even attack other liberals that blaspheme Obama, as racist.  Several comedians have come under fire from their own, recently, for such transgressions as telling Presidential jokes.  It’s beyond ridiculous!

     The only way we conservatives can overcome this trend is to stand up to it.  Don’t cower to the attack.  Stand your ground.  Point out the liberal’s own racism for bringing race into the conversation.  In this day and age, I’m certain most intelligent people judge everyone by their actions and statements, not their skin color.  Conservative values do not make us racists.  Let’s push this political pendulum back to the side of common sense.


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