Sunday, December 16

Benghazi Truth - WHERE The Hell Are They?

Originally Filed Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 - by Administrator - Proe Graphique 
SIMPLE QUESTION: Where are the survivors of the Benghazi attack? Many were Americans, and yet have been held by the US government  presumably against their will, away from not only their families, but all contact from the world for over three months. What is the US government doing to these people? Brainwashing them? Torturing them? Threatening their families if they talk? Three months is too damn long for this game to continue. Do their families know where they are? Are they even allowed to get or give a Christmas greeting to their loved ones? Why are their families not stepping forward? What the hell is going on, here?! We - the public, Congress and the media -  do not even know who they are, or where they are. This is not how free countries with a constitution and freedom of speech operate. 
When the witnesses to obvious wrongdoing by a government are kept away from their families and all contact from the world, in secret, for three months by that same government, this is no longer "Watergate times ten". This is Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union in its heyday when "enemies of the state" routinely disappeared into the night. I am not being melodramatic  here. This is a catastrophic  civil rights violation that is worse than anything we are aware has ever occurred via the United States Government, and every GOP House member must stand together on the Capitol Steps, and give a scathing and electrifying press conference to the American people, demanding to know the whereabouts of our fellow citizens, who have been locked away by the Obama administration, presumably so they cannot tell to the world what they know.
  What will we see when we do finally see them? People who all suffer from "brain injuries sustained by the attack" that just happen to resemble crude lobotomies, electric shock therapy and permanent drug-induced incapacitation? This is not a game. This is possibly the most serious violation of human rights ever committed by the US Government against its own citizens. These people need to be freed and they need to speak! Note to left wing media: open this story up unless you want to risk having happen to you by our government whatever is happening to them, because the obvious appearance is that they are being kept from the world to shut them up.
  Please let your GOP Reps know, via the contact info below, that giving a collective demand for information on these people - on the Capitol steps -  is what they must now do before December 20th when Hillary Clinton is tentatively scheduled to testify. This is a simple message to deliver. No foot-dragging. It needs to be said, it needs to be said powerfully in the strongest possible language and it needs to be said now, before more of our fellow citizens vanish into the night.
  *Personal note* Having been suspended from Twitter for no good reason per their usage policies, I now seem to be getting the same run-around on my suspension as we have gotten from the US Administration on Benghazi, and perhaps for much the same reasons.  I have no time for chasing the shadows, so I will be taking a break from Twitter to concentrate on this site and investigations on my own. Any Twitter friends and followers can chat on the message board below. Please spread the daily countdown graphic, immediately below, on Twitter. But most of all tell our Congressmen that they must demand the information about the survivors, and demand to your fellow citizens that they do likewise. Thanks.

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