Sunday, December 16

Obama is Going to Choose Kerry? Really???

After his response to the shooting in connecticut, and his ability to not politicize the tragedy like some members of his party are doing, Barack Hussein Obama is going to name John Kerry as Secretary of State according to unnamed sources. Really? John Kerry? The only worse choice that comes to mind is John Edwards who, oh by the way, was on John Kerry's ticket when he ran for President and was rejected by a majority of his citizens. I can already hear some liberal screaming at his computer screen over the comment I just made, "BUT BUSH DIDN'T WIN A MAJORITY".  First, that should say something about Kerry, that he lost to someone in the popular vote, that lost the popular vote in the previous election. But Bush did win the electorate in 2000, which is not something we can say about Kerry in 2004, and which is the system our founding fathers had in mind for us, so let's not cry. Let's see how this pans out, but my guess is that Kerry will get either the Benghazi treatment or the Clinton treatment from the liberal media, depending on if, and how much dirty laundry is dished out from the right. Check out my blog and my twitter page

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