Saturday, December 29

C-SPAN Caller - Can Constitution be Fixed so Obama Runs 3 Terms?

MichaelSavage4Prez -
A caller identified as Lawrence from the Bronx, New York, asked C-SPAN guest Brendan Doherty Saturday whether he believed the constitution could be amended so that President Obama could run for three terms. If that wouldn't be possible, Lawrence continued, could the Democrats "overwhelmingly" take back the House in 2014? Doherty recently authored, "The Rise Of The President's Permanent Campaign," a book that examines whether a President's time spent campaigning can be separated from time spent governing in recent years. He fielded the caller's question as best as he could, answering honestly, "The prospect of amending the Constitution to allow a president to serve more than two tremendously unlikely. "

Bill Clinton wished that he could run for another term at the end of his presidency, Doherty said, but it wasn't possible. He also noted the Constitution had only been amended 27 times -- 10 of those amendments being the Bill of Rights -- and that "amendments are hard to get through." Unfortunately for the caller, Doherty said, "I don't see any grassroots support to let a president serve a third term." He also answered Lawrence's second question in the negative, telling him he believed chances were "slim" for Democrats to "take the House back."

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