Saturday, December 29

How teachers unions reward bad teachers and punish good teachers.

Only one out of every 1000 teachers are fired for performance related reasons compared to one out of 97 lawyers and one out of every 57 doctors. This is because of anti-learning, anti-student contracts made by teachers unions. This criminal gang doesn't care if a teacher cannot teach or even is the teacher is a child molester as long as the teacher is on the unions side and is available to extort union dues from in order to pay off their political cronies thus funding and perpetuating the criminal activity.

In Sacramento, the teacher of the year, Michelle Apperson had to be laid off of due to Union tenure and seniority rules. Imagine if a private company laid off their best salesperson? The company would deserve to go out of business and so do teachers unions. In New York City, over 700 teachers were being paid to do nothing. Many of these teachers are sexual molesters, pedophiles, malcontents and miscreants; however, they cannot be fired due to union contracts, so your taxes continue to pay for them to do nothing which is actually an improvement over having these loyal union members in the classroom. 66 year old millionaire Pedophile Alan Rosenfeld sits in a New York City "rubber room" today collecting a six figure salary plus benefits because the school system cannot fire him, union rules stipulate that there is no mandatory retirement age and the school system cannot allow this pedophile into the classroom to molest and harass young girls. Why do teachers unions protect and reward pedophile teachers? Loyalty to the cause: perpetuating the corrupt unions.

What is happening in our schools today is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY! Involuntary teachers unions dues go to pay off politicians that then vote for pro-union, anti-student legislation. We need to begin to diminish the power of these anti-learning unions by recognizing that federal and state government unions are unnecessary and counter-productive to good government and good schools.

The excellent, motivated teachers receive nothing from their hard work and dedication. Shouldn't we compensate and reward those teachers that inspire and motivate our children? We WANT these teachers to stay in the system and create a legacy of students that are inspired and stimulated. These teachers have the potential to fundamentally change the lives of students in the most fundamental and meaningful ways yet the current system only punishes them and treats them the same or worse than moribund clock watchers.

What can you do? Become informed and vote for politicians that are not paid off by the teachers unions.

Here are three great documentaries to watch:
The Lottery                           The Cartel                   Waiting for Superman

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