Monday, December 17

Preaching to the Choir

              While, like everyone else with an opinion, I was posting about and responding to the latest political hot-potato on Facebook, gun control, I realized something.  I realized no one ever changes their opinions, based solely on all of these posts and comments.  We all just preach to our own political choir, while offending and un-friending those that disagree.

                I have diligently posted and blogged on every hot topic in recent history.  I doubt I have changed a single mind.  No matter the infallible logic, or profound statements, people today seem to be locked into a mindset.  Liberals use fear and intimidation to force people to accept the liberal agenda; calling people racists, or some other form of evil, to coerce compliance.  Conservatives invoke religion, tradition, and often logic to get a point across.  But, the simple fact is that no one I know really changes their belief system or actions at the polls.

                In light of this revelation, I am left wondering whether these posts and blogs are worthwhile.  The socialist POTUS is going to do whatever he wishes, regardless of our arguments.  The liberals are going to bash and intimidate anyone that disagrees.  The conservatives are going to bluster and fuss, but never take action.  Just consider what you, yourself, did the last time a liberal acquaintance said or did something that went against your values.  Nothing, I would bet.  Conservatives are inherently afraid to “make waves,” or risk receiving a hateful label. 

                How many of you gun-rights supporters have contacted every elected official that represents you?  How many family or traditional values holders have done it?  I venture to guess, very few.  It may be a small step in a long fight, but every little bit helps.  Votes matter.  Self-interest is the common denominator amongst the human race.  It bridges racial, gender, age, and every other gap you can come up with.  It affects the lowest paid workers, all the way up to the Congressman or woman.  Our rhetoric will not change minds, but self-interest will.  Convince an elected official they can lose their job over a topic, convince a citizen they can lose their ability to defend against crime and tyranny; or on the flip side, convince anyone they stand to gain something (money, fame, security, etc.) it also works.  The politicians have used it against us for eons. 

                The point I am trying to make is that all of our preaching to like-minded souls is getting us nowhere – see 2012 election results.  To swing this pendulum back to common sense, back to being a great nation of self-reliant individuals, we need action.  We need to stand up to the liberal bullies and politicians that feel they have a mandate to socialize our democracy.  We need to make them realize their only mandate is to listen to the other half of this once great nation.  Take action, my friends, take action.   


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