Thursday, December 6

Shooting In Kansas City

I know this is a little bit of old news, but the memory from the shooting in Kansas City, where Jovan Belcher shot his wife and then took his own life, orphaning his toddler, still lives on. As soon as I got the news, I went into shock like the rest of America, but then heard the barrage of liberal rhetoric on gun control. Who would have guessed that the left would ever politicize tragedy? "Availability of guns makes mayhem easier" said Bob Costas, NBC sports commentator. First, Mr. Costas, a football game is not a place to voice your political opinions. Second, your comment just isn't correct. If guns become more accessible, then good people, who would buy guns legally, can arm and protect themselves. If you make it a crime to own a gun, then only criminals would own guns. Which (I'd like to think) isn't the outcome that the left wants, but you never know. If people have evil in their hearts, they will carry out evil, guns or no guns. The only thing that gun control can do is make it easier for them, the opposite of what Bob Costas says.

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