Thursday, December 6

The Fall Of The Grand Old Party!

The “Fiscal Cliff” is looming! And, with just weeks to spare the leader of our beloved GOP offered a compromise limiting tax loopholes for the “rich.”

A compromise, I might add, that is not supported by all. Certainly, not those “Tea Party” folks that are being silenced by the Republican machine…better described as Politicians having the audacity of echoing the will of their constituents, instead of simply “towing the line” as good Republicans are expected to do!

Yes, a cliff is looming, but it’s not the “Fiscal Cliff”. The “Fiscal Cliff” is inevitable whether we simply jump now (recommended), of fall later. I can almost guarantee the fall will be far worse than just jumping!

No, what I’m referencing is the fall of our beloved GOP, or what’s left of it. What happened to those principles that are non-negotiable such as limited government and fiscal conservancy?

John Boehner mistakenly thinks the Republican’s backs are against the wall…that Obama holds all the cards. And, if a deal is not made the Republicans will take the brunt of the blame.

He may be right in the short term. But consider the following...

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