Friday, March 15

Can The GOP Come Together?

My friend Andrea Kaye asked the following question on her show last week:
“How do we [GOP] come together as a Party?”
A good question, but a bit more complicated than it seems. I think a better question would be how do they co-exist as a Party?

To answer the question, it’s important to note that not only are there many flavors of conservatism not only within the Party, but throughout the nation as well.

And, those flavors  have migrated into one of two camps. The first being what I call the “Old Guard” which includes John Boehner and his cronies. They’ve all been affiliated with the Party in some fashion for ages, and have grown accustomed to the “Washington way of doing business.”

“Quid pro quo” or backroom deals remain common place to insure furtherance of their agenda, and they never let a chance go by to upstage their opponents, both within and outside the Party. Failure to “tow the line” results in punishment because they currently represent the majority and are they are quick to blame others for their failures.

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