Sunday, March 17

Taking on the powerful news media, Part 7

 This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

In order to replace the news media as a source of information, there must first be a replacement.  One of the challenges posed to lovers of liberty is the necessity for the development of alternative media.  The news as we know it must end in order to eliminate propaganda support for the Left.  No matter how this comes into being, there is one universal requirement: information must come from somewhere else.

Have you ever considered being a journalist?  If not as a career path, have you considered informing others about current issues as part of your duty as a citizen?  Responsibility can be tiresome, and at times, scary.  But just think about how you could change the world for the better by investing some time and energy in educating the public.

You may think that this goal is lofty and unreachable, but be assured that you probably already possess the tools necessary to communicate a message of liberty.  Social media is proving to be one of the key means of data propagation today.  We receive so much data, so much feedback, so many ideas from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sources.  If you are reading this blog, you can certainly understand this.

But how do we go about doing this?  How do we spread a message of liberty?  How do we undo the lies of the Left?  These are complicated questions with no single answer, but one thing that will help is a presence.  As a previous post said, a presence is a necessity.  Just be there.  Just be a voice of liberty, a voice of reassurance in the face of opposition, a voice of opposition in the face Leftism.  Being active does not necessarily mean joining clubs or protesting on the street (while these certainly are beneficial and encouraged).  Being active is posting a status on Facebook about eroded liberties, or the ideological objectives of the Democrat Party.  Being active is starting a blog that unwraps and demolishes the lies of the Left.

So get active!  Make a presence, and influence people.  Make sound arguments, but most of all just be there.  Just abide.  Be out there as a visible voice against the oppression of the Left. 

The Victory For Liberty Center is committed to informing and coordinating grassroots efforts that will lead to victories for liberty over tyranny.  VFLC encourages activism and provides the tools with which lovers of liberty can win.  VFLC does not seek to be labeled "Conservative," "Libertarian," or "Republican," nor does it disdain any of these categories.  All there is, is a love for liberty.  VFLC seeks to foster unity, and to spread information as well as aggressive tactics pertinent to the cause of liberty.  Together, we can win!  Join us at

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